The business mission of BRB Ramo in Jakarta

Business negotiations on the territory of another country is always a unique experience that allows you to test your competence, professional and communication skills. The most valuable thing is the ability to convey meaning to the entrepreneur and convince him of the need to change the usual business processes for more effective work not only on his territory but also abroad.

Last month, the Director of business development of BRB Ramo Marina Lychagina visited Jakarta in order to develop Russian-Indonesian business relations and attract foreign business to Russia.

Meetings were held with the Trade Representative of Russia in Indonesia Mr. Sergei Rossomakhov, the Head Division of Human Resources Development of Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia Mr. Noly Heryono Hadi Prasetyo, representatives of the business community of Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industry Mr. Rainer Prakuso Tobing, and heads of large companies and business owners.

It should be noted the open and warm welcome of the business community of Jakarta, as well as the willingness to accept the European approach to doing business.

As a result of the negotiations, potential areas of interest of Indonesian businessmen were identified and agreements were reached on further actions in accordance with markedly plans in actively developing sectors.

In General, among the Indonesian business, which showed an active interest in the Russian territory, the following areas can be identified: food, logistics, construction, restaurant business, furniture production, beer, clothing for Muslims and batik.

A positive result of the business mission of BRB Ramo was the conclusion of a contract with an Indonesian company in the field of food and beverage. At the moment, the strategy of Indonesian brands entering the Russian market has already been agreed and the date of opening of the company’s representative office in St. Petersburg has been determined.  The President of the Indonesian company says that the best time for representative opening is November 2019, on the eve of the New year.

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