Phonoscopic expertise

Phonoscopic expertise is performed on specialized equipment that allows you to identify speech and voices, as well as identify signs of editing and other changes to audio recordings. Phonoscopic examination is assigned during investigative actions or court proceedings, and can also be ordered privately.


The BRB Ramo expert center carries out to analyze and evaluate phonograms obtained from various sources:


  • recording conversations of multiple people;
  • analysis of the negotiations;
  • records of various procedural actions;
  • materials obtained in the course of operational search activities
  • recording of court sessions;
  • records that show preparation for a crime, its Commission or concealment;
  • facts of blackmail and extortion;
  • business negotiations, etc.


BRB Ramo works with all types of phonograms. A certified hardware and software complex for criminalistic research of speech phonograms is used, and the results of the research are issued in the form of a standard report, which has official force for submission to the court and various instances.



Phonoscopic expertise of the voice is accomplished with the use of special hardware and software. According to current legislation, when using phonograms as evidence, the person providing them must indicate how the audio recording was obtained.


During the expertise, the following are performed:

  • face identification by voice;
  • noise cleaning and improving the quality and intelligibility of speech on the record;
  • establishing the verbatim content of the conversation;
  • comparative analysis;
  • determining the conditions under which the audio recording was made;
  • identification of installation facts.