Personnel recruitment


Qualified staff is the key to the success of a stable and successfully developing business. It is especially important to maintain high standards when hiring staff in another country.

A well-thought-out personnel policy, properly organized office management, optimized legal and tax base of the company, as well as practical experience in international cooperation, will help you minimize your risks while working in Russia.

BRB Ramo offers a wide range of recruitment services for the selection of permanent and temporary staff, as well as legal support in the process of registration of employees.

Our policy is focused on protecting the interests of the employer with care for candidates.

It should be understood that recruitment in another country goes beyond the usual staffing and always requires a comprehensive approach.

Professional management of personnel records, regardless of the legal form of the enterprise, allows you to effectively protect the interests of the employer at any level. Timely and competent processing of documents related to labor relations is particularly important in the event of labor disputes and allows you to avoid unwanted penalties.

As a result of HR records management, documentation appears, thanks to which competent personnel management is provided, and effective measures for labor protection are developed.


Services BRB Ramo recruiting and hiring employees:

  1. Recruitment;
  2. Migration audit;
  3. Registration of foreign citizens;
  4. Outstaffing of foreign personnel;
  5. Organizing and maintaining personnel records;
  6. Registration of contracts for FMS;
  7. Registration and calculation of taxes on foreign citizens;
  8. Business trips for foreigners.