Market entry Russia

To enjoy competitive advantages, you need to be aware of the legal, tax and economic features of an unfamiliar business environment.

Nowadays, in the period of active business globalization, any business international relations mean moving forward. Having a direct or indirect presence in international markets is a huge step towards long-term national success – regardless of the size of your business. If you want to establish external relations effectively, you need to understand exactly the business specifics peculiar to a particular country.

The BRB Ramo group provides a wide range of practical services for foreign enterprises, contributing to the safe and successful business in Russia.

Our team of experts provides support in five areas: business development, finance, law, standards and human resources.

When you are in uncertain situation – our specialists know exactly what to do!

We provide comprehensive services in the following areas:


  • International consulting;
  • Investments in Russia;
  • Business valuation in Russia;
  • Legal support;
  • legal compliance;
  • Start a business in Russia;
  • Сompany formation in Russia;
  • Doing and support business in Russia;
  • Branch Registration in Russia;
  • Research of the Russian market regarding the area of interest to the Customer;
  • Search for Partners;
  • Verification of the company’s reliability;
  • Legal assistance in registration of a trademark in Russia.


International consulting

Strategic session taking into account current needs and focused on the organization’ top management. Preparation of the company for the withdrawal or business expansion in Russia. In-depth study of the goals, objectives and action plan of the representative office.


Start a business in Russia

Comprehensive support for the opening of a foreign branch, representative office, joint venture.

Russia is open to foreign business, but every sector has its own specifics and rather strict regulatory and legal requirements. To enter the market, a successful company has to understand the nuances and follow the legal requirements of the state. The group of experts “BRB Ramo” is ready to take on the full range of services for registration of a foreign enterprise, to provide legal, accounting and personnel services.


Research of the Russian market regarding the area of interest to the Customer

Organization and proceeding of research on legal and regulatory requirements, market access rules, preliminary analysis of the industry and density of competition.


Search for Partners on Russian territory

Business communications and relationships are ways to success. Our experts will help you in choosing reliable Partners in the Russian Federation: importers, agents, distributors, manufacturers, technical specialists – with us you can be sure of the right choice of counterparty!


Verification of the company’s reliability

Planning a business trip or you are already active in Russia?

Check the trustworthy status of your potential business partner. Our experienced lawyers will work on your request and prepare a dossier for the company of interest on 25 features (including: state registration of the company, availability of qualified staff, production facilities, status of the company’s General Director (formal “for signature” or real), checks by the General Prosecutor’s Office in Russia, etc.).


Legal assistance in registration of a trademark in Russia

The global approach of international business is actively developing. We are sure that every foreign company is thinking about the security and protection of its brand during the development of new territorial markets.

Russian law permits the registration of a foreign company trademark, regardless of the state registration, moreover, the fact of registration of the trademark does not entail tax registration.

Our expert group is ready to provide a range of services to assist and represent your interests in Russia.


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