Legal support & commercial lawyers for business in Russia

Legal support

Foreign companies that have decided to open a business in Russia face a lot of questions related to the organization of business in the jurisdiction of another state. Only lawyers who are well-versed in Russian law and have experience working with foreign companies can easily deal with them.

BRB Ramo is a Russian law firm with a team of highly qualified specialists: commercial lawyers, attorneys, independent forensic experts, and advisors with many years of experience in legal support of the business.


What legal issues we may solve?

  • Advice on any legal issues related to doing business in Russia.
  • Preparation of documents, necessary for the conduct of commercial activities.
  • Submission of documents for participation in grants.
  • Representation of interests in negotiations with government agencies and contractors.
  • Protection in case of disputes.


Procedure for legal support of foreign companies activities in Russia


1. Legal analysis of the business

At the initial consultation, we ask for information about your business and identify issues related to your activities in Russia that you would like to resolve.

2. The development of the plan

We draw up a plan that reflects the procedure for supporting the activities of a foreign company in Russia.

3. Representation of interests in negotiations

During any negotiations with representatives of the Russian side, our lawyers will accompany you and resolve any legal issues that arise.

4. Preparation of documents

We will prepare any legal documents that will be necessary for your business activities in Russia.