Handwriting expertise

Handwriting examination is a type of examination of written documents or signatures, which is based on the analysis of the characteristic features of the handwriting of a handwritten text contained in a particular document in order to establish their authorship.

The main unique features of a person’s handwriting are almost completely formed already in adolescence (up to 14-15 years) and, in their ability to identify the identity of a particular person, are only slightly inferior to the uniqueness of their fingerprints.


Handwriting expertise BRB Ramo


Highly professional and experienced handwriting experts from BRB Ramo will conduct a private examination of the handwriting of the handwritten text or signature contained in documents, which will allow you to establish or refute their belonging to a specific person.

In the course of handwriting examination, all signs of falsification of contractual and payment documents, acts and statements, receipts, powers of attorney, wills, and any other important documents containing handwritten text or signature can be detected.

The results of handwriting expertise conducted by specialists of BRB Ramo can be used when making a decision to initiate civil, arbitration, or criminal proceedings.

The expert services of BRB Ramo are also in demand in various types of pre-trial proceedings related to property, housing, family, labor, or any other disputes in which the authenticity of documents is in doubt.


Protect yourself from forgery


Handwriting expertise of documents in the company BRB Ramo will help ordinary people to protect their rights in disputes with unscrupulous opponents, and the owner of the enterprise to prevent or minimize business losses from fraudulent actions related to document forgery.