Franchising in Russia

Franchising is a form of business cooperation between several companies in which a company with a well-known name in the market (franchisor) resells the rights to it together with the technology of production or sale of goods to independent enterprises (franchisee).

Russia is not the leading country in terms of the number of franchising points and franchising concepts, but nevertheless, it is obvious that for more than 20 years since its inception, the franchising market in Russia has grown significantly. Currently, its total volume is estimated at $ 5 billion. According to experts of the European Association of franchising (EFF), over the past three years, the franchising market in Russia has increased by 98 %.

The strongest lawyers of the BRB Ramo company are ready to render services of the support of transactions of franchising in Russia.


For the franchisor

  • Development of the franchise agreement, an adaptation of conditions to Russian realities, registration of the agreement;
  • Analysis of the existing franchise agreement and possible risks;
  • Development of legal mechanisms for the protection of the franchise;
  • Support the resolution of disputes on the franchise;
  • Support of the franchise entering the Russian market;
  • Trademark registration;
  • Support of franchise agreement termination;
  • Development of claims from the franchisee;
  • Risk assessment in case of non-performance of obligations under the contract;
  • Risk assessment upon the termination of the contract;
  • Collection of sanctions under the contract;
  • Representation of the Franchisor in court.


For the franchisee

  • Examination of the franchise agreement, the assessment of the legal and financial risks;
  • Verification of TM and intellectual property rights;
  • Legal support of the purchase of a franchise (approval of the agreement, an adaptation of the model regulations, the amendments taking into account the specifics of Russian legislation);
  • Check the availability of the courts in franchising;
  • Support the purchase of a franchise;
  • Work with the regulation of claims under the contract of a franchise;
  • Work on the return of the lump-sum payment;
  • Support of the termination procedure;
  • Representation of the Franchisee in court.