Documents expertise

The expertise of the Statute of limitations of creating documents allows you to set the time period for creating a document, thereby determining its authenticity.


With the development of technology, the use of fake documentation in a variety of areas has become more frequent:

  • title documents;
  • gift contracts;
  • sales contracts;
  • loan agreements;
  • accounting statements;
  • medical certificates, etc.


The expertise of the Statute of limitations of creation document is technically one of the most complex, carried out in a specially equipped laboratory and allows you to answer the following questions:

  • Compliance with the specified date and the actual time period of document execution;
  • Setting the time period for creating an undated document;
  • Identifying whether different documents were created at the same time.



Objects of expertise of the document’s prescription


The expertise of the Statute of limitations of creation document can be carried out for the following objects:

  • handwritten texts, captions made with ballpoint, gel, capillary pens, roller pens, etc.
  • impressions of stamps and seals made with stamp paints.


It is a comprehensive service that is carried out using such methods as:

  • Microscopic;
  • Photographic;
  • Chemical;
  • Organoleptic;
  • Physico-chemical (gas chromatography with the use of cryofocusing).


The final cost of services, as well as the timing of their provision, can be determined after the expert has familiarized themselves with the research materials and agreed on the list of issues to be solved. The cost of services is calculated individually based on the volume of work, the complexity of tasks, and provided comparison samples.