Lawyers for Business Dispute Resolution


We will fight for you! When facts and evidence are indisputable – justice comes inevitably.

Powerful evidence base, own forensic laboratory, extensive legal experience and an innovative integrated approach!

When your business faces a failure to fulfill commercial obligations, you try to find a solution as quickly as possible.

Disputes in the business world can threaten business relationships with partners, suppliers and financial institutions. The presence of disputes affects the relationship and customer’s trust, what leads to a loss of business growth.

We understand that commercial litigation has its own specifics and the situation depends on the purposes of the company. Some firms try to settle the lawsuit as quickly as possible in order to avoid bad publicity, reduce legal costs and return to focusing on business. Others find themselves in a hopeless situation when the future of the company is at stake, and the business has to promote the legal process as actively as possible in order to win.

The strategy for the protecting or conducting of commercial litigation will depend on the objectives of your company. Our experienced lawyers are good at business disputes, they are able to understand the case of any complexity.


Our business legal support services include:

    • Commercial disputes;
    • Construction disputes;
    • Tax disputes;
    • Partnership disputes;
    • International disputes;
    • Shareholder disputes;
    • Labor dispute;
    • Franchise disputes;
    • Disputes about the room responsibility;
    • Litigation on trade;
    • Alternative dispute resolution;
    • Corporate litigation.


We have our own independent laboratory equipped with modern equipment, which is ready in a short time and without intermediaries to provide an expert opinion, which is adopted in court in the following areas:

  • Due diligence;
  • Handwriting expertise;
  • Linguistic expertise;
  • Examination of the time of the document.