Breach of Contract in Russia

Contract anti crisis

You started working with a new Partner from Russia, discussed the terms of the transaction, signed the Contract and made an advance payment, and are waiting for the product to be delivered. After a while, you realize that the product does not arrive, and the Partner does not respond to emails and phone calls, what to do in this situation? When peaceful methods do not bring effect, there are only one-way out-to contact specialists.

Any business activity is associated with the risk of meeting a dishonest Partner.

The anti-crisis work of BRB Ramo specialists is aimed at clarifying the circumstances and relations with the Partner in order to protect the legal rights and interests of the Customer.

As a rule, a Customer’s claim is always related to a violation of the terms and failure to fulfill obligations under the agreement. Practice shows that a professional approach and compliance with the necessary measures and regulations encourage an unscrupulous Partner to take decisive actions to fulfill their obligations.

Claim work consists of a competent statement of facts and a specific requirement to prevent moral and property damage to the company.

When organizing anti-crisis actions, a professional approach is an important and deep knowledge of Contract Law in Russia. You should not entrust the creation of a strategy for collecting receivables and filing claims to secretaries, clerks who do not have sufficient skills and are not familiar with the law.


In the anti-crisis settlement of contractual relations, BRB Ramo specialists often solve the following tasks:


  1. Protection of the company’s interests (financial) and reduction of losses due to non-compliance with the obligations of the counterparty.
  2. Protection of the company’s reputation from unsubstantiated claims of competitors.
  3. Protection of rights related to property and non-property, as well as the interests of the organization. Coordination between the specialists involved in the disputed relationship on the issue related to the representation of the company’s interests.
  4. Reduction of negative consequences associated with non-performance or improper performance of duties;
  5. Improving contractual work in the company to avoid non-fulfillment of obligations;
  6. Adapting the legal relationship to the changed situation;
  7. Termination of legal relations if their continuation is not appropriate.

Anti-crisis settlement of contractual relations is the prevention of legal proceedings performed by a qualified lawyer since it is he who is able to assess the situation within the current legislation and take the right steps that will solve the conflict situation without going to court.

Competent construction of this seemingly simple task, in most cases, allows you to avoid protracted conflicts and find the most effective solution for both sides.


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