Auto technical expertise

Independent auto technical expertise is carried out in the framework of criminal proceedings in the investigation of crimes related to traffic safety, as well as civil cases for compensation for material damage as a result of road accidents.

It is a popular service, the results of which will help in resolving disputes, and can also be provided to insurance companies, investigative authorities and in court.


Features of the expertise

The expertise is carried out by experienced professionals of the company BRB Ramo. We have reliable equipment and software that allows you to quickly and effectively conduct the necessary research.


Types of expertise:

  • situational, involving the study of various facts of a road accident;
  • transport-traceological, with the study of the traces that are left on the vehicle after the accident;
  • technical and diagnostic expertise that allows you to determine the technical condition of the car or motorcycle as a whole, as well as individual elements and systems.


The expertise is performed in accordance with the rules and requirements of current legislation. The specialist examines all the circumstances of the case, facts, and evidence. If there is a lack of initial information or materials, the results can be presented as a probabilistic estimate.


What will you get?

Auto technical expertise will allow you to get maximum information about the accident. It may also be necessary for other purposes, General assessment of the condition of the vehicle, when filing and considering claims in insurance companies, and other situations.