Russian brands, which are not Russian

In our industry a lot of brands that only seems one hundred percent Russian, but in fact long ago and firmly owned by foreigners.

Factories that produce them are located in our country, bring taxes to the treasury, and give jobs. Therefore, it is correct that sanctions are not imposed against them. But still, it is interesting, the manufacturer with what nationality we support, paying in the store.

Some Russian brands, such as cookies YUBILEINOYE ( Anniversary), juice DOBRY (Kind), candy BELOCHKA (Squirrel), became the property of foreign companies after they acquired Russian factories and plants that produced these products. Others, such as RASTISHKA, BESEDA (Conversation), were created by foreigners specifically for the Russian market… to be closer to the people.

So, here are the top Russian products, which in fact are no longer Russian or never of Russian origin and have not been.

The Swiss concern Nestle owns the brand of ice cream from the Soviet childhood 48 KOPEEK (48 kopecks), chocolate RUSSIA and SUDARUSHKA.


The Dutch-British concern Unilever owns cosmetic brands CHERNYY ZHEMCHUG (Black Pearl), STO RETSEPTOV KRASOTY (One hundred beauty recipes), ketchup BALTIMORE, and tea brand BESEDA (Conversation).


American concern Kraft Foods owns chocolate VOZDUSHNYY (Air), cookies YUBILEYNOYE (Anniversary), waffle cake PRICHUDA (Fad).


The Norwegian company Orcla owns sweets from the Soviet childhood BELOCHKA (Squirrel), and MISHKA NA SEVERE (Bear in the north).


French Danone owns products for children RASTISHKA and all dairy products PROSTOKVASHINO.


The American company Pepsico owns:
Juices and drinks LYUBIMYY (Favourite), FRUKTOVYY SAD (Orchard), YA (I am).


Dairy products CHUDO (Miracle), VESELYY MOLOCHNIK (Merry Milkman), DOMIK V DEREVNE (House in the village).




Products for children AGUSHA.


The American company Coca-Cola owns juices and drinks DOBRY (Kind) and kvass KRUZHKA I BOCHKA (Mug and barrel).


The Danish company Carlsberg owns the entire series of BALTIKA beer, NEVSKOYE and ZHIGULEVSKOYE beer.


The American company Wrigley owns the KORKUNOV brand.


The French concern Renault-Nissan owns the car brand LADA.


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