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The problems of corruption in Russia today have no one’s surprise. It is no secret that any company in his work can face it. Where to go for help in Moscow and how to counteract ransomware – in the interview of Mansur Ravilovich Yusupov, Chairman of the Moscow anti-corruption Committee at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and industry, Director of the Directorate for combating corruption and ensuring economic security.

– Mansur Ravilovich, can a person apply to the Moscow anti-corruption Committee if, for example, an official extorts a bribe from him?

– “No doubt any person can come to us.” We together with the Prosecutor’s office and UBEP will organize a complex of actions that will help to expose and detain the extortionist. An agreement on cooperation and cooperation has been signed between the Moscow anti-corruption Committee under the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MACC) and the Moscow Prosecutor’s office for effective activities. The appeal comes to us quite often, up to ten calls a day. As a rule, we have calls from Heads of the enterprises together with Financial Directors or accountants address the problems arising in financial activity. In addition to extortion, it can be, for example, raiding, attempts at unfriendly takeover, etc.


– What should be done if the official extorts money?

– In the case of extortion, it is necessary to record the conversation with the official on a dictaphone, for example, on a mobile phone. Then you can contact us by phone, write an e-mail or come to the office.


– And if such a record could not be obtained, then what to do.

– If it was not possible to make a dictaphone record, it is necessary to write the statement on the fact of extortion and to transfer to law enforcement agencies directly or through us. But in any case, the authorized bodies will decide how to organize red-handed detention and initiate a criminal case.  MACC experts can be brought in as consultants.

I also want to say that extortionists do not always act openly: you give me money, I give you a good decision on the tax audit. Hidden forms of pressure are often used: incorrect interpretation of regulations, use of internal instructions and departmental orders. In this case, on the complaint of the accountant, we can use the help of experts-economists who will conduct an examination of the requirements of the IFNS for legality. This conclusion will be the proof of excess of official powers of the official.


– “Will the Committee consider an anonymous application?”

– No, we do not consider anonymous applications. By law, only FSB officers in cases where anonymous information is of operational interest, consider anonymous. But at the same time, I want to inform that MAC works confidentially with the addressed person.


– Mansur Ravilovich, where it is better to address all the same if extort a bribe: in MACC, Prosecutor’s office or the Ministry of Internal Affairs?

– Everything depends on from what structure the official. If the extortionist police officer, the Prosecutor, if the person from Prosecutors is better – FSB, etc. If it is difficult to determine who to approach, come to us. Knowing the situation from the inside, we will decide how to get rid of the corrupt official.


–  What else does the Committee do besides helping entrepreneurs?

– We also conduct an independent anti-corruption legal examination of various bills and regulations. We also regularly send legislators our proposals on combating raiding, counterfeit products, and organized crime. We are actively working on improving the work of control and Supervisory bodies. In our opinion, the most effective way of combating corruption is the personnel rotation of all official positions.

For example, it is necessary to change the leadership (first persons and deputies) in state institutions every three years. Rotation can be done within the structure of one Ministry (Federal Agency, service). It is necessary to transfer the official to an equivalent position with almost similar functions without changing the salary, but, say, in another region, district, district.


–  Scale project. What do you think, if in one city to change officials places, the effect will not be?

– If in one city or area to carry out rotation only with the instruction of anybody from the former subordinates not to take. The main goal is to break down persistent corruption schemes, groups, and communities established over the years. Since Soviet times, corruption has flourished through recruitment on the basis of nepotism and kinship. With this and need to fight in primarily.


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