Business in Russia


The BRB Ramo Group of Companies provides comprehensive support to foreign enterprises for the safe adaptation and development of foreign business on the Russian territory.

We use our own unique technology of global integrated solutions for business, which will bring your company to a new level, act confidently and develop without fear for the future of your company.

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Our main purpose is:

The Development of stably-developing mutually beneficial economic relations between Russia and other countries.

Our main task is:

The Creating a favorable environment to ensure a stable market for your business.

What do we focus on?

On the implementation of a comprehensive action program that will allow your business to enter the Russian market, bypassing possible international difficulties. 

With the assistance and support of the professional team of BRB Ramo, starting a business in Russia is as easy as opening an office in a nearby city! 

The main thing is that you will start your development in Russia with real contracts that we will provide for you.

BRB Ramo means reliable business without obstacles!

Our team of experts regularly acts for buyers, sellers and investors in a wide range of sectors.

Any business

We advise any type of business: from entrepreneurs, investors, family-owned, public companies to multinational corporations.

Optimal solution

Our deep and diverse business experience allows you to anticipate potential problems, minimize any associated risks, and ultimately find the best solution for your business.

We understand the importance of getting the most out of any deal. Our approach is always adapted precisely to your needs: positive and transparent.

You will start your development in Russia with real contracts that we will provide for you

How do we do it?


We identify the most promising area for your business, based on the specifics of the sector.

It should be understood that the territory of Russia is the largest state in the world, which includes 10 time zones and 1 117 cities. And the business potential is not always in the central part: Moscow and St. Petersburg.

When we assess the potential of a territory, we cover all aspects of business: infrastructure, production, storage of goods, logistics, interaction with subcontractors and partners, competition density, market potential of your goods and services and much more.


We provide full information on legal and accounting support

and recommend the most beneficial legal form of formation of an enterprise for your business.

We organize an office, a representative office or a network of branches

• Accompany the process of accreditation of a foreign company on Russian territory;
• We select the necessary Russian-speaking staff;
• Find, rent or redeem office space;
• We develop and implement an enterprise security system: information security, product security, office security, company security, company top management, and office staff security.
• We adapt, develop and implement all the necessary workflow system in the company.


We develop a system of adaptation of your enterprise in the Russian territory

which is aimed at minimizing the company's losses associated with intercultural differences: the specifics of the activities of departments, work and interaction of personnel, interaction with market participants, corporate culture, etc.

Adaptation of the brand of goods and services of the company under the Russian mentality and specifics of the market

a visual image of the brand, perception of the goods / services to the final consumer, providing information support to the brand, forming a brand loyalty program, etc.

We provide the conclusion of the first contracts

We are looking for the first Customers of your products and services who are ready to conclude contracts with your company. We conduct initial negotiations on your behalf, discuss the financial part of the transaction, the implementation process and the terms of the contracts, and obtain guarantees and confirmations. You will only need to draw up a contract and proceed to the execution.

We accompany your activity on the Russian territory

, providing legal and lawyer support in your interaction with the subjects of the Russian Federation: Customers, Partners, Competitors, State institutions and authorities.

The result is always important!

It does not matter for us whether we work with complex tasks or with one -
we always find the best solution