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The specificity and variety of complex situations that our Clients have to face when doing business is an excellent motivation for joint development!

BRB Ramo is focused on helping owners and top managers of organizations achieve their goals by providing practical, customized solutions, as well as identifying and implementing business opportunities in Russia.

Legal services for doing business are extremely relevant today. In their business activities, companies regularly face tax audits, lawsuits, and contract work. A BRB Ramo business lawyers (attorneys) will help you successfully solve these problems. Even if there is a specialist on the staff, their qualifications are not always sufficient to solve the emerging problems. Moreover, the larger the organization, the broader the range of legal issues. One person will not physically have time to do all the work. BRB Ramo offers legal services to legal entities. This is a convenient, practical, and cost-effective solution regardless of the legal form of your company.

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Igor Sidorenko - Senior Partner

Private detective and security activities, strategic management of enterprise security systems, specialization in internal personnel control of companies, corruption, bribery,…

Shvedchenko Maria - Regional representative

Implementation of customer support at the international level.
Exceeding expectations
Apply global standards
Reliable team
Thinking progressively

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