Russian brands, which are not Russian

In our industry a lot of brands that only seems one hundred percent Russian, but in fact long ago and firmly owned by foreigners. Factories that produce them are located in our country, bring taxes to the treasury, and give jobs. Therefore, it is correct that sanctions are not imposed against them. But still, it […]

Starting a business in Russia

Starting a business in a new market always implies a lot of challenges and changes. In Russia everything becomes even more exalted not only because it is a fast growing economy that posses vast reserves of natural resources, fighting for becoming among one of the most authoritative world powers, but also because of its mysterious […]

Pitfalls of foreign business in Russia ©Economy and Life

Despite all difficulties, Russia is still of considerable interest to foreign investors. However, doing business in our country has certain features and sometimes is associated with serious risks. How can a foreigner start to conquer the Russian market with correct position in law, and what pitfalls can he face here? Choosing honest counterparties But on […]

To be in the trend. Brand Rating 2019 ©Forbes Russia

Beautiful packaging is not the only success indicator in bringing the product to market. What brands have become noticeable on store shelves for the year and why. A successful brand is not only beautiful packaging and contents, but also good sales. “The packaging design is good when it sells more than the competitors products standing […]