Russian business culture & negotiation style. Part 3 of 3

Read the beginning of the article: part 1 and part 2    Russian style of negotiation: myths and reality   Great sense of humor   The excellent sense of humor of the famous Soviet diplomat Alexander Gromyko was often recalled by his American colleague Henry Kissinger, who noted that his Soviet colleague was a master […]

Global management consulting: audit of human resources

  Redefining the role of human resources   To secure the role of a “business partner” within the organization, the HR Manager must demonstrate how his services help to achieve the company’s business goals. The activities of HR managers are rarely subject to audit/control in order to assess their effectiveness and compliance with legal regulations. […]

Greenmail: Russian version

Almost any company can become a victim of corporate blackmail. However, there are some “rules of conduct” that management can protect themselves and their Corporation by knowing. The problem of corporate blackmail (“greenmail”) is often discussed in the Russian business press. For example, public criticism of the company’s management, prosecution of its executives with charges […]

How to get a preferential loan secured by patent rights

Intellectual property owners can count on state support in business development. The mechanism for providing subsidies to small and medium-sized businesses secured by intellectual property rights was launched half a year ago and it continues to develop successfully. First of all, it is intended to help enterprises that do not have material and production assets […]