How to protect yourself from corrupt officials © Delovoy mir

The problems of corruption in Russia today have no one’s surprise. It is no secret that any company in his work can face it. Where to go for help in Moscow and how to counteract ransomware – in the interview of Mansur Ravilovich Yusupov, Chairman of the Moscow anti-corruption Committee at the Moscow Chamber of […]

What taxes should be paid by a foreign company when selling services in Russia? All details about VAT in Russia. Part 1 of 2

Russia’s potential is huge, and it is not surprising that many foreign companies opening their branches and representative offices here.  Accordingly, one of the important issues facing foreign entrepreneurs is taxation in the provision of services in Russia.  In this article, we will try to understand this issue and reveal all the possibilities of taxation […]

Russian business culture & style of negotiation. Part 2 of 3

Read the beginning of the article    Russian people “lives under the sign of the heart” Much deeper into the understanding of the Russian character and style of communication came Russian philosophers and writers – I. A. Ilyin, N. O. Lossky, N. A. Berdyaev, G. P. Fedotov, F. M. Dostoevsky, L. N. Tolstoy, A. I. […]

The business mission of BRB Ramo in Jakarta

Business negotiations on the territory of another country is always a unique experience that allows you to test your competence, professional and communication skills. The most valuable thing is the ability to convey meaning to the entrepreneur and convince him of the need to change the usual business processes for more effective work not only […]

Russian business culture & style of negotiation. Part 1 of 3

The influence of Soviet norms, rules of business communication, valuable orientations formed during the Soviet period, and features of the Russian national character on the formation of the Russian style of negotiation. Traditions of Russian diplomacy at the international level.  Perception Two factors influenced the formation of the Russian style: on the one hand – […]

Nokia for the first time will transfer the rights to its technologies to the company from Russia © RBK

Nokia will give the joint venture with Rostelecom the rights to some types of its equipment to recognize these developments as domestic. For the domestic status, the manufacturer can count on preferences. Market participants do not remember other examples of the transfer of Western technologies to Russian companies. Nokia will transfer the intellectual property rights […]