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BRB Ramo is an international law firm that provides comprehensive legal, advocacy, and expert services.

We are always focused on developing effective solutions for your business, with a comprehensive and objective assessment of your deal prospects and minimizing negative consequences.

A strong team of lawyers, advocacy, and forensic experts is always ready to understand your situation and provide the necessary assistance!

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Any business exists within a certain legal framework, so legal support for business is always relevant, regardless of the scale and direction of activity.

Proper company structuring, transaction support, legal analysis of projects, corporate conflicts-all this requires the participation of a competent specialist in the field of law, and often a group of such professionals.

Practice shows that the success of a business directly depends on high-quality legal support, especially when it comes to activities on the territory of another country.


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It is necessary to understand that the greatest efficiency is achieved if the legal support of professionals is permanent, in this case, the business receives the following advantages

Lawyers ensure that all necessary documents are available and advise on the implementation of certain business processes

All partners are checked for legal reliability, documents on contractual relations are analyzed

Constant interaction with a lawyer allows the business owner or its Manager to get detailed information and make the right management decision

Competent work of a lawyer allows you to optimize the tax burden, reduce the level of accounts receivable, and avoid penalties

Business and asset protection is one of the main tasks of a business lawyer. This is achieved by constantly monitoring all aspects of the activity and preventing risky actions from the point of view of the law, or timely elimination of their consequences

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